The Conqueror – Darkness, Light and Order Castles

The Conqueror. The first major alliance event starts in approx one month from the server launch. In order to win and hold one of three castles, the strongest alliances get as much as possible fighting power and move closer to the target (one of the castles) much earlier. Early mass PvP happens around particular castles… Continue reading The Conqueror – Darkness, Light and Order Castles

Heroes 3 Dungeon

Heroes 3 Dungeon is usually built in the subterranean map area. Its alignment is evil. Dungeon town is one of the most expensive in the game, but it’s also self sufficient in terms of minerals. In fact, thanks to the Resource Silo and the weekly income from the Capitol, you are able to recruit all… Continue reading Heroes 3 Dungeon

Heroes 3 Necropolis

Heroes 3 Necropolis is a faction/race of undead creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Its alignment is death. Usually castles are built on dead creature bones. This town is the perfect home base for the hero classes Death Knight and Necromancer. The “Necromancy” is their natural passive ability. At the end of each… Continue reading Heroes 3 Necropolis