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War and Magic – Nook Battle

War and Magic - Nook Battle Map

One of the most interesting challenges in War and Magic is a Nook Battle event between alliances (guilds). Once a week, two equal battle power alliances are teleported to the designated area to fight a mini-war. 25 vs 25 players

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The Conqueror – Darkness, Light and Order Castles

War and Magic - The Conqueror - City of Darkness

The Conqueror. The first major alliance event starts in approx one month from the server launch. In order to win and hold one of three castles, the strongest alliances get as much as possible fighting power and move closer to

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War and Magic – Monster Dwellings Event

War and Magic - Monster Dwellings - Weekly Event

A highly rewarding War and Magic strategy game event when players have to cooperate with each other in order to win treasure from monster dwellings. There must be at least 2 heroes from different players in order to start the

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Heroes 3 Dungeon

Heroes 3 Dungeon Castle Full

Heroes 3 Dungeon is usually built in the subterranean map area. Its alignment is evil. Dungeon town is one of the most expensive in the game, but it’s also self sufficient in terms of minerals. In fact, thanks to the

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Heroes 3 Necropolis

Heroes 3 Necropolis City Full

Heroes 3 Necropolis is a faction/race of undead creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Its alignment is death. Usually castles are built on dead creature bones. This town is the perfect home base for the hero classes Death

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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 – Wizard Faction


Heroes 2 Wizard FortHeroes 2 Wizard Castle

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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 – Warlock Faction

Warlock Town and Units

Heroes 2 Warlock FortHeroes 2 Warlock Castle

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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 – Necropolis Faction


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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 – Sorceress Faction – Castle, Units and Music


Heroes 2 Sorceress FortHeroes 2 Sorceress Castle

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Heroes 2 – Barbarian


Heroes 2 Barbarian Fort Heroes 2 Barbarian Castle

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Knight (Haven)

Heroes 2 Knight Fort Heroes 2 Knight Castle

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Coming Soon

Work in progress

16.05.2016 CLA – Absolute Record

Gloria_Victis improved its own record again:
Gloria_Victis 213

20.04.2016 CLB – Server Record

Jagdkommando Heroes Online CLB record 133

The new CLB server record by Jagdkommando.

08.04.2016 CLA – Absolute Record

Gloria Victis new CLA Heroes Online Expeditions record 176

The new absolute record from the Polish super-guild – 176 mazes.

28.03.2016 RU – Absolute Record

RU Server impressive new record.
Union of Guilds:
M – Guild TheMatrix
A – Guild AneJIcuH
D – Guild Doriat
S – Guild TemplarSolomonici

28.03.2016 RU Server Record

17.02.2016 CLB


10.02.2016 CLB


03.02.2016 CLB

CLB Expedition Week 03-02-16

27.01.2016 CLB

CLB Expedition Week 27-01-16