Guild Rules

Fabled Dreamers Guild Rules

Guild Province – Feel free to buy any creatures you see in the dwellings, however make sure to contribute your resources whenever a recharge is needed, or when we are restoring some dwelling or some other building. Info on what we are currently rebuilding and what resources are needed is always updated at this address –

Expeditions – Almost every Wednesday at 11.00 CET when the Expeditions season restarts we start pushing one of the gates to get the 100% XP bonus. Try to chip in as much as you can, and follow the updates on how high we plan to go that particular day or that season.

Expeditions Loot – The last 3 treasures of each Expeditions level are picked up by the Officers who administer the artefact list ( and sent to those who need the particular artefact. If you pick up a treasure with an artefact at the start of the round for which you have no need, be sure to ask in chat if someone’s interested in the particular piece for it to not to go to waste. All the purple stuff (Dust/Orbs/Spheres) please send to Dezdemonas or BladeShade so that these resources would be used most effectively on keeping the dwellings running.

Gear – Our T13 members help others farm the best gear, also you are able to ask for particular spots (usually the weakest) to get gifts from expeditions by posting here: If you receive useful item or upgrade the spot by yourself, be sure to update your post.

Forum/Teamspeak – Always feel free to ask for help in chat and feel free to participate in discussions or say what’s on your mind on the guild’s own forum: If you have a mic and want to chat with other members while playing using voice communication, just ask for TS server info.

Inactivity – If you are planning on going on vacation or you can’t login for a while for some other reason, be sure to post about it on forum (

Guild Quests – Always check the guild quests and try to contribute and/or reap the rewards. If there’s a quest of finding Ancient Treasures in some small town (Nar-Heresh or Falcon’s Reach), spare a few minutes to run around it to find the 2-3 treasure chests per hero.

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