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Heroes 3 Dungeon is usually built in the subterranean map area. Its alignment is evil. Dungeon town is one of the most expensive in the game, but it’s also self sufficient in terms of minerals. In fact, thanks to the Resource Silo and the weekly income from the Capitol, you are able to recruit all the units without the need of an external mine. Another benefit is the Mana Vortex, which doubles your maximum spell points once a week. Also, the Portal of Summoning can be used to get additional creatures. Heroes 3 Dungeon is notorious with their earth magic type heroes Warlocks. Melee heroes are Overlords.
Heroes 3 Dungeon Castle Heroes 3 Dungeon Castle Full

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Heroes 3 Necropolis is a faction/race of undead creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Its alignment is evil. Usually castles are built on dead creature bones. This town is the perfect home base for the hero classes Death Knight and Necromancer. The “Necromancy” is their natural passive ability. At the end of each battle a percentage of fallen living creatures turn into undead and join Necropolis Hero’s army.
Heroes 3 Necropolis Castle Heroes 3 Necropolis City Full

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Heroes 3 – Old Friend Sandro – 2015 HD Edition Review

New Heroes 3 HD Edition has brought to life the favourite of the games sequence.
Let’s reminisce good old 90s and check on our new old friend Sandro – Necromancer Hero that so many players know about.
At first here is an original SD version of Heroes 3 Sandro is fully levelled up with the best artefacts and upgraded army units.
In the new HD version we’ll try him again. On the first offered map we choose Necropolis and Sandro as our Hero. Sandro, as any other Hero, starts with basic skills, army units, knowledge and the only skill he has is “slow”.
We are going to check Necromancer buildings not many in the beginning.
In a Fort we can find Skeletons, the only units available at the moment; there are also Walking Dead, Wrights, Vampires, Liches, Black Knights and Bone Dragons.
HD Edition added sharpness to all creatures and buildings. Back in the 90s players spent hours building castles and developing their Heroes. Pleasant music helped to be drawn into adventure.
We try first battle. Armies on both sides are small. This chess-like turn based strategy has won hearts of players all around the world. And it is still loved today.
Current HD Edition works on tablets. However we haven’t tried it yet. We are also not sure if this type of game is suitable for touch screen.
There are two multiplayer options, one of them is online, but as there is no time restriction implemented for turns, it may take a long time to compete a battle, let alone a map.
And finally here are also Obelisks which opens a Puzzle Map.
We hope you will enjoy this video.

SD vs HD in new edition

Heroes 3 SD vs HD

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