Heroes 3 Dungeon

Heroes 3 Dungeon is usually built in the subterranean map area. Its alignment is evil. Dungeon town is one of the most expensive in the game, but it’s also self sufficient in terms of minerals. In fact, thanks to the Resource Silo and the weekly income from the Capitol, you are able to recruit all the units without the need of an external mine. Another benefit is the Mana Vortex, which doubles your maximum spell points once a week. Also, the Portal of Summoning can be used to get additional creatures. Heroes 3 Dungeon is notorious with their earth magic type heroes Warlocks. Melee heroes are Overlords.
Heroes 3 Dungeon Fort Heroes 3 dungeon fort empty
Heroes 3 Dungeon Castle Heroes 3 Dungeon Castle Full
The creatures built in this town include Manticores, Minotaurs, Beholders, Harpies and Black Dragons. The most powerful of the Dungeon creatures are ranged units: they can hit far, they can hit hard and they don’t suffer from melee penalty. Minotaurs are strong melee units their turn comes early in the battle due to high initiative. They deal a lot of damage. Black Dragons, while being very expensive, are the best when used for a popular Heroes 3 tactic called “dragongeddon”. For this tactic you need spell immune creatures like the Black Dragon and a hero that can cast the spell Armageddon. The reason why this creature is perfect for the “dragongeddon” is its speed and health.

Heroes 3 Dungeon Town Music

Heroes 3 Dungeon Units

Units: Basic / Upgrade
Level 1: Troglodyte / Infernal Traglodyte Level 2: Harpy / Harpy Hag
Heroes 3 Dungeon Troglodyte Heroes 3 Dungeon Infernal Troglodyte Heroes 3 Dungeon Harpy Heroes 3 Dungeon Harpy Hag
Level 3: Beholder / Evil Eye Level 4: Medusa / Medusa Queen
Heroes 3 Dungeon Beholder Heroes 3 Dungeon Evil Eye Heroes 3 Dungeon Medusa Heroes 3 Dungeon Medusa Queen
Level 5: Minotaur / Minotaur king Level 6: Manticore / Scorpicore
Heroes 3 Dungeon Minotaur Heroes 3 Dungeon Minotaur King Heroes 3 Dungeon Manticore Heroes 3 Dungeon Scorpicore
Level 7: Red Dragon / Black dragon
Heroes 3 Dungeon Red Dragon Heroes 3 Dungeon Black Dragon

The biggest drawback of the Dungeon is in the early game. Cost of the buildings is very high. Particularly level 7 creature dwellings are very hard to build. Another problem are Manticores, which are the weakest level 6 creatures in the game.

More about Heroes 3: http://heroeszone.net/heroes-3/heroes-3-towns-and-units/

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