Heroes 3 Necropolis

Heroes 3 Necropolis is a faction/race of undead creatures in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Its alignment is death. Usually castles are built on dead creature bones. This town is the perfect home base for the hero classes Death Knight and Necromancer. The “Necromancy” is their natural passive ability. At the end of each battle a percentage of fallen living creatures turn into undead and join Necropolis Hero’s army.
Heroes 3 Necropolis Fort Heroes 3 Necropolis Castle Empty
Heroes 3 Necropolis Castle Heroes 3 Necropolis City Full
The creatures built in this town include skeletons, vampires and ghost dragons. Being undead they are unaffected by negative morale penalties, by mind spells and blindness. Their strength consists in the ability to weaken their opponents, making even stronger enemies easier to defeat. This is particularly useful if you use Vampire Lords against living and non-elemental enemy creatures.

Heroes 3 Necropolis Town Music

Heroes 3 Necropolis Units

Units: Basic / Upgrade
Level 1: Skeleton / Skeleton Warrior Level 2: Walking Dead / Zombie
Heroes 3 Necropolis Skeleton Heroes 3 Necropolis Skeleton Warrior Heroes 3 Necropolis Walking Dead Heroes 3 Necropolis Zombie
Level 3: Wight / Wraith Level 4: Vampire / Vampire Lord
Heroes 3 Necropolis Wight Heroes 3 Necropolis Wraith Heroes 3 Necropolis Vampire Heroes 3 Necropolis Vampire
Level 5: Lich / Power Lich Level 6: Black Knight / Dread Knight
Heroes 3 Necropolis Lich Heroes 3 Necropolis Power Lich Heroes 3 Necropolis Black Knight Heroes 3 Necropolis Dread Knight
Level 7: Bone Dragon / Ghost Dragon
Heroes 3 Necropolis Bone Dragon Heroes 3 Necropolis Ghost Dragon

Unfortunately, there are only two ranged creatures: Lich and Power Lich. Zombies and walking dead creatures will slow down your army. And, the strongest creatures (Bone and Ghost Dragons) are the least useful Level 7 creatures.
Heroes from the necropolis have the secondary skill “Necromancy”. Thanks to this ability the hero can bring back creatures killed in combat as skeletons. The more advanced is this skill, the more creatures will be brought back as skeletons.

Check out our video about Sandro the Necromancer in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD game review. HD Edition added sharpness to all creatures and buildings. Back in the 90s players spent hours building castles and developing their Heroes. Pleasant music helped to be drawn into adventure.

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