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Heroes 7 Beta Haven FactionHeroes 7 Beta Academy Faction


Might & Magic Heroes 7 Beta has been released. Even though there are 4 factions already introduced on official site, there are only 2 faction available in closed Beta. On May the 21st Ubisoft developers announced during live Twitch presentation of Beta that they are working on Sylvan faction and it is expected to be introduced in mid June.
Altogether there will be 6 factions in the final game that will be released in September this year.
Find more about factions http://heroeszone.net/heroes-7-factions
Also on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymYpgwf-DaM

Heroes 7 Beta 2

Heroes 7 Beta Towns

Here are fully built towns: Haven and Academy. Though they don’t look that attractive from the beginning.

Heroes 7 Beta Haven Fully Built CastleHeroes 7 Beta Academy Fully Built Castle
Building Tree
To master this game and play it on an expert level it is important to know this building tree well.
Capitol looks the same however we found big difference in Fortifications. In earlier versions Fort and Castle added to unit
growth and were one in the priority to be built up. Now it is a different story. Another important strategical addition is Town
Portal that can be learned straight after Magic Guild level 2.
When choosing our Hero in the beginning of the game we could not see any info about them then here we can check their personal ability and Skillwheel. Another interesting option is the Governor, some Heroes have this skill from the beginning. It can also be learnt from Skillwheel so the bonus can be added in the city.
There are two views in the Skillwheel: one shows what is immediately available to use and the second is “Show All”. This opens all possible skill sets. This option helps to foresee and plan the development of the best suited skills.
Magic Guild
In the beginning it might be wise to check your main Hero’s skills prior to choosing which school of magic to build.
As our main Hero had Water magic we chose Water and that’s why we have at least 1 water magic skill in every magic guild level.
Thieves Guild
In some cases it can be an important strategical tool.

Heroes 7 Beta Gameplay

We really liked the idea that we could buy our defeated Hero back from the Tavern. When we buy our Hero back it keeps experience received from the last battle. Experience can be gained even if battle is lost. It may also have several skill points allowing to learn skill straight away. This is different from Heroes 3 and Heroes 5 where losing one battle with Hero being defeated and vanished often meant losing the whole map.
It is impossible to make mines yours in enemy area. However it is possible to plunder it receiving resources immediately. After that a mine restores its production for its original owner in 3 turns.
We found it easy to switch between heroes.
Developers admitted that they have spent a lot of effort on the 3-D graphics and visual effects. As these effects slow down the game, there is an option to change the speed and to switch off the special animation effects.

Heroes 7 Beta Combat

This is how end game combat looks like.

Might & Magic Heroes 7 Combat Academy vs Haven
Heroes 7 Beta Duel Academy vs Haven 3
Heroes 7 Beta Quick Combat
At some stage you may use this option. It shows you expected results and if you disagree you fight normally. We find this feature very convenient. Also a possibility to check out your enemy and its stats before starting combat is a beginners friendly option.
We have tried a lot of different combat grounds and found that not all of them are well designed. In our opinion grid needs to have more contrast to be seen more clearly. Like in chess play it’s more about strategy than beauty. If on green grass grid blends in then Academy Siege ground is completely confusing with extra cross grid with tiles.

As expected we found a lot of bugs in Beta. For example Tsunami pushed Cabirs out of the field completely, some units could not be targeted, etc. Well, still a lot of work to be done by Game Designers. And we wish them all the best.

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