Heroes 7 Factions

Heroes 7 Factions – Brief Overview

Here you can find key information about Heroes of Might and Magic 7 – oops sorry – Might and Magic Heroes 7 factions aka races. Ubisoft developers claimed they took the best features from Heroes 3 and Heroes 5 versions, therefore it took us by surprise to find Necropolis looking like Spider City. Also Harpies and Gnolls belong to a different faction from the one that we used to. But all in all we liked beautiful towns and pleasant music.

List of Factions:
HavenNecropolisAcademyStrongholdSylvanDungeonFortress NEW

Haven Faction Castle, Units and Music

Heroes 7 Haven
Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Sentinel / Legionnaire, Crossbowman / Marksman, Wolf / Silverback.
heroes-7-haven-sentinel heroes-7-haven-crossbowman heroes-7-haven-basic-unit-dire-wolf
heroes-7-haven-legionnaire heroes-7-haven-marksman heroes-7-haven-basic-unit-silverback
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Chaplain / Abbot, Guardian / Justicar, Cavalier / Cuirassier.
heroes-7-haven-abbot heroes-7-haven-guardian heroes-7-haven-elite-unit-cavalier
heroes-7-haven-chaplain heroes-7-haven-justicar heroes-7-haven-elite-unit-cuirassier
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Seraph / Celestial, Landksnetch / Swordmaster.
heroes-7-haven-celestial heroes-7-haven-landsknecht
heroes-7-haven-seraph heroes-7-haven-swordmaster
Warfare Units: Sister – Healing Unit, Ballista and Catapult.
heroes-7-haven-sister heroes-7-haven-ballista heroes-7-haven-catapult

Heroes 7 Factions – Necropolis Castle, Units and Music

Heroes 7 Factions - Necropolis
Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Skeleton / Skeleton Hoplit, Ghosts / Banshee, Ebon Spider / Death Spider.
Heroes 7 Necropolis Skeleton Heroes 7 Necropolis Ghost Heroes 7 Necropolis Ebon Spider
Heroes 7 Necropolis Skeleton Hoplite Heroes 7 Necropolis Banshee Heroes 7 Necropolis Death Spider
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Vampire / Vampire Knight, Lich / Archlich, Lamasu / Plague Lamasu.
Heroes 7 Necropolis Lamasu Heroes 7 Necropolis Lich Heroes 7 Necropolis Vampire
Heroes 7 Necropolis Plague Lamasu Heroes 7 Necropolis Archlich Heroes 7 Necropolis Vampire Knight
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Grim Rider / Grim Reaper, Bone Dragon / Spectral Dragon.
Heroes 7 Necropolis Bone Dragon Heroes 7 Necropolis Grim Rider
Heroes 7 Necropolis Spectral Dragon Heroes 7 Necropolis Grim Reaper
Warfare Units: Spitting Spider, Namtaru
Heroes 7 Factions - Necropolis Warfare Unit - Spitting Spider Heroes 7 Factions - Necropolis Warfare Unit - Namtaru

Academy Faction Castle, Units and Music

Heroes 7 Academy
Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Cabir / Master Cabir, Gargoyle / Obsidian Gargoyle, Golem / Sandstone Golem.
Heroes 7 Academy Gargoyle Heroes 7 Academy Cabir Heroes 7 Academy Golem
Heroes 7 Academy Obsidian Gargoyle Heroes 7 Academy Master Cabir Heroes 7 Academy Sandstone Golem
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Apprentice / Disciple, Djinn / Djinn Channeler, Rakshasa / Rakshasa Raja.
Heroes 7 Academy Apprentice Heroes 7 Academy Djinn Heroes 7 Academy Rakshasa
Heroes 7 Academy Disciple Heroes 7 Academy Djinn Channeler Heroes 7 Academy Rakshasa Raja
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Arcane Eagle / Simurgh, Colossus / Titan.
Heroes 7 Academy Simurgh Heroes 7 Academy Colossus
Heroes 7 Academy Arcane Eagle Heroes 7 Academy Titan
Warfare Units: Healing Tent, Pyramid, Great Pyramid.
Heroes 7 Factions Academy Warfare Unit Healing Tent Heroes 7 Factions Academy Warfare Unit Pyramid Heroes 7 Factions Academy Warfare Unit Great Pyramid

Stronghold Faction Castle, Units and Music

Heroes 7 Stronghold
Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Harpy / Fury, Gnoll / Gnoll Hunter, Brute / Crusher.
Heroes 7 Stronghold Harpy Heroes 7 Stronghold Gnoll Heroes 7 Stronghold Brute
Heroes 7 Stronghold Fury Heroes 7 Stronghold Gnoll Hunter Heroes 7 Stronghold Crusher
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Centaur / Centaur Marauder, Sand Wyvern / Venomous Wyvern, Basilisk Ryder / Basilisk Lancer.
Heroes 7 Stronghold Centaur Heroes 7 Stronghold Sand Wyvern Heroes 7 Stronghold Basilisk Rider
Heroes 7 Stronghold Centaur Marauder Heroes 7 Stronghold Venomous Wyvern Heroes 7 Stronghold Basilisk Lancer
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Cyclop / Enraged Cyclop, Behemoth / Ancient Behemoth.
Heroes 7 Stronghold Cyclops Heroes 7 Stronghold Behemoth
Heroes 7 Stronghold Enraged Cyclops Heroes 7 Stronghold Ancient Behemoth
Warfare Units: Dreamwalker, Tammed Cyclops.
Heroes 7 Factions Stronghold Warfare Unit Dreamwalker

Sylvan Faction Castle, Units and Music

Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Dryad / Oak Dryad, Pixie / Sprite, Hunter / Master Hunter.
Heroes 7 Sylvan Dryad Heroes 7 Sylvan Pixie Heroes 7 Sylvan Hunter
Heroes 7 Sylvan Oak Dryad Heroes 7 Sylvan Sprite Heroes 7 Sylvan Master Hunter
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Druid / Druid Elder, Blade Dancer / Blade Master, Moon Doe / Sun Deer.
Heroes 7 Sylvan Druid Heroes 7 Sylvan Blade Dancer Heroes 7 Sylvan Moon Doe
Heroes 7 Sylvan Druid Elder Heroes 7 Sylvan Blade Master Heroes 7 Sylvan Sun Deer
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Green Dragon / Emerald Dragon, Treant / Ancient Treant.
Heroes 7 Sylvan Green Dragon Heroes 7 Sylvan Treant
Heroes 7 Sylvan Emerald Dragon Heroes 7 Sylvan Ancient Treant
Warfare Units: Sylvan Ballista, Mother Treant, Greater Earth Elemental.
Heroes 7 Sylvan Faction Warfare Unit Sylvan Ballista Heroes 7 Sylvan Faction Warfare Unit Mother Treant Heroes 7 Sylvan Greater Earth Elemental

Dungeon Faction Castle, Units and Music

Dungeon Town
Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Stalker / Tracker, Assassin / Shade, Troglodyte / Chthonian.
Heroes 7 Dungeon Assassin Heroes 7 Dungeon Stalker Heroes 7 Dungeon Troglodyte
Heroes 7 Dungeon Shade Heroes 7 Dungeon Tracker Heroes 7 Dungeon Chthonian
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Strider / Soulless, Medusa / Medusa Sorceress, Minotaur / Minotaur Guard.
Heroes 7 Dungeon Strider Heroes 7 Dungeon Medusa Heroes 7 Dungeon Minotaur
Heroes 7 Dungeon Soulless Heroes 7 Dungeon Medusa Sorceress Heroes 7 Dungeon Minotaur Guard
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Cave Hydra / Dark Hydra, Shadow Dragon / Black Dragon.
Heroes 7 Dungeon Cave Hydra Heroes 7 Dungeon Shadow Dragon
Heroes 7 Dungeon Dark Hydra Heroes 7 Dungeon Black Dragon
Warfare Units: to be revealed.

Fortress Faction Castle, Units and Music

Basic Units (Basic / Upgrade): Defender / Shieldguard, Bear / Blackbear, Kobold Scout / Kobold Pathfinder.
heroes-7-fortress-defender heroes-7-fortress-bear heroes-7-fortress-kobold-scout
heroes-7-fortress-shieldguard heroes-7-fortress-blackbear heroes-7-fortress-kobold-pathfinder
Elite Units (Basic / Upgrade): Dis / Valkirie, Rune Priest / Rune Patriarch, Lava Elemental / Magma Elemental.
heroes-7-fortress-dis heroes-7-fortress-rune-priest heroes-7-fortress-lava-elemental
heroes-7-fortress-valkyrie heroes-7-fortress-rune-patriarch heroes-7-fortress-magma-elemental
Champion Units (Basic / Upgrade): Red Dragon / Ardent Dragon, Fire Giant / Einherjar.
heroes-7-fortress-red-dragon heroes-7-fortress-fire-giant
heroes-7-fortress-ardent-dragon heroes-7-fortress-einherjar
Warfare Units: Dwarven Ballista, Runestone, Fire Cannon
heroes-7-fortress-warfare-unit-dwarven-ballista heroes-7-fortress-warfare-unit-runestone heroes-7-fortress-warfare-unit-fire-cannon
Source: Might & Magic® Heroes 7 | Ubisoft Official | Fantasy RPG

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