Heroes 7 Gameplay

World of Ashan

Like it’s predecessors Heroes 7 gameplay is a turn-based strategy game. Moving characters around the world map players collect useful resources, capture buildings, which later can be improved, and build the army needed for battles. The World of Ashan is a territory where all action takes place. It is a vast area that will home multiple Factions. So far there are Haven, Academy, Necropolis, Stronghold, Sylvan and Dungeon. More factions may be added in future with various units to choose from.
We found a link to an interactive map of the World of Ashan. Namtaru’s Claw, Nar-Heresh and The Wispering Plains are already familiar to fans of Heroes Online and there are many more places of interests to be discovered.
Heroes 7 Ashan map

Battle Mode

Battles here resemble chess matches, and heroes in exchange for experience gained in battles obtain different skills and abilities. There is a big variety of battle grounds, including castle siege fields.
Just recently developers have shown us their work done on Stronghold Faction. A new game engine allows to implement nice animation.
We normally expect chess-like battles to be quite challenging and we hope that gameplay will not suffer in favour of beautiful animation.
Heroes 7 gameplay8
Units wait for their turns in each round. Experienced commanders plan their moves in advance.
Heroes 7 gameplay 3

Turn-based vs real time strategy

Turn-base strategy allows players to go at their own pace. Heroes 7 gameplay will never be turned into a fast action demanding vigorous mouse-clicking and reaction to speed. Even if in future there will be only real-time strategy, in the Heroes game you will still be able to pause before making a decision. In any case this series will not be turned into the test for your reaction rate. One of the main key features of this game is convenience. Without any time limits set for turns players can go for a cup of tea during the battle.
Although players have to really dig deep and learn many details and nuances to master the game, potentially anyone can do it. Even children can play it as the rules are learnt step by step, which makes it manageable.

Heroes 7 Gameplay – Online Mode

There is also talk about online content for Heroes 7 but no official information has been released yet.
Developers acknowledge that to complete one map online playing versus other players may take significant amount of time. Without any time limit set for turn the wait is unpredictable. Heroes 7 may wish to adopt PvP battle system from Heroes Online where there is a strict time limit for turns. We understand though that to find the right balance between all factions is a hard task.


To sum things up Heroes 7 gameplay looks promising. A brief overview is available www.youtube.com/watch?v=63AlsLPr1eM. However we do hope that one day developers will create a big project online using the client. Then there would be no need to make endless additions to the series but improve and update the existing game. This way players could stay in the world of Heroes without jumping from one version to another.

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Source: Might & Magic® Heroes 7 | Ubisoft Official | Fantasy RPG

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