Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Heroes of Might and Magic 2


Heroes 2 Castle, Units and Music

Picking up where Heroes of Might and Magic left off, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 ups the gaming level. Original Heroes 1995 gameplay revolves around a hero who has to rescue the kingdom from evil forces. In Heroes 2 we notice big changes in gameplay and graphics.
The Knight, Sorceress, Warlock and Barbarian from HOMM make reappearances in HOMM 2, with the new addition of the Wizard and Necromancer factions.

Heroes 2 Knight Castle Heroes 2 Barbarian Castle Heroes 2 Sorceress Castle
Heroes 2 Warlock Castle Heroes 2 Wizard Castle Heroes 2 Necropolis Castle

A big difference with Heroes 2 is the new ability for heroes to gain individual abilities, with up to fourteen different secondary skills available to choose from. Once obtained at the basic level, the skill can be promoted to advanced and expert levels, increasing a character’s skills beyond their class. While this allows for greater flexibility.

Another change comes in Heroes 2 magic point system, enabling players to save spells and allocate them later for specific uses. Players can also upgrade units allowing them to dole out special attack and defence abilities for greater playing power. The unit update is one of the biggest bonuses for HOMM 2, with more than 100 separate units, from dragons to gargoyles, archers and goblins.

The only downfall of Heroes 2 is in game balance. In the strategy element it is simple to gather minerals and castles, but it’s almost too difficult to protect your castle and resources. In the role play element, abilities aren’t evenly distributed across characters and factions, with some at a greater advantage than others. But in 90-ties for this type of game it was acceptable.
Generally, the game is appealing in graphics and music, In late 90-ties it was very good game.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 – Music

Most of the soundtracks in the game produced by Paul Romero.


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