Might & Magic Heroes Online

Competition Between Servers

CLA, CLB and RU servers compete for the highest maze score in expeditions.
Weekly Expeditions: http://heroeszone.net/weekly-expeditions/


Pet Collection. Achievement and other information about pets in MMHO

CLB Server Expedition Record

CLB Server expeditions http://heroeszone.net/clb-weekly-expedition-ranking/

Piggy Quest in the Expedition

Pig Quest. Boss – Evil Satanislav. Quest with great reward and new title can be found in expeditions.

Guild Province and Expeditions

Ancient Shrines (unlimited use), dwellings and more in Guild Province.


How to get more crystals for beginners and 30+

Heroes Online – Raid – List of Challenges

Updated page and new video dedicated to raid challenges available on Heroes Zone
Raid Main screen


How to get into Heroes Online Council

One of the ways is to use Auto Battle Licences that make it possible to complete more than 100 battles in one day. This will burn a lot of army so preparation is crucial. The major task is to build up Battle Power as high as possible. Here are the tips on how to do it.
Heroes Online Council Ranking Expert Autobattle

Stadium Of Strife

All 24 Stages with tips

We’ve completed Stadium of Strife and would like to share our tips. It is very important to come in with Banner of Divine Initiative buff otherwise there will be massive losses in Stage 6. If you are determined to go till the end, it is important to come here with a lot of scrolls of Warlord’s Command, Regeneration, Life Drain, Sanctuary, Rouse and a few Feeble Mind scrolls.
SoS Blue Worm

Raid 30+

New challenging Raid system has been introduced in Might and Magic Heroes Online

If in under level 30 raids we could ignore Raid requirements and any Hero with any army would fit the group, in 30+ raids it is important to make sure that party members have the right army before going in. Strong buffs or debuffs that add or reduce up to 90% of power or resistance make it nearly impossible to complete the battle if you don’t have the right army. It could help if prior to entering the raid everyone in the party agrees which challenges they will cover.
Raid Main Screen Final1

Sandro 2

This walk-through contains screens shots, tips and commentary for each stage

Sandro 2 Chapter 4

Event Units

Event army units stats and abilities

TIE ThunderbirdsTIE DFaceless

Haven Units

Haven army units stats and abilities Basic vs Upgraded

TIH ArchersTIH ArchersUp

Necropolis Units

Necropolis army units stats and abilities Basic vs Upgraded

TIN SkelletonsTIN SkeletonsUp

Dye Collection

Check out various dyes that it is possible to acquire in the world of Ahsan


Heroes Online on Heroes Zone

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