How to Farm Crystals in Might & Magic Heroes Online

For BeginnersCrystal Farm 30+

Crystal Farm For beginners

The Whispering Plains

In the beginning when players start building their 1st upgraded units, crystal deficit is felt more strongly. Here we offer you a very detailed explanation how to do multiple quests in one go and get around 100 crystals in about 5 minutes.
Quests for Crystals in WP

Worm Hunter

Crystal Quest “Worm Hunter” Walkthrough. Meet with lovely horsey and then feed it to the Worm. Most cruel quest in the world of Ashan. BEWARE “Animal Cruelty”
Quests for Crystals in WP2

Where to Farm Crystals 30+

Since Guild Province update there is a huge demand on crystals. We’ll show you how to get 600 crystals within 20 minutes in 30+ areas. Definitely there might be even better ways to collect crystals in the game but we would like to share with you our combination. Both Knight and Haven Cleric do it evenly well and it should be no problem for Necropolis Heroes. We chose 4 quests with the highest rewards and that are easy to complete. In order not to waste time it’s best to do them in a particular sequence.
To get there first take portal to Adder’s Den from Blackbough then to Greystone.
Crystals Farm Greystone
You will find 2 NPCs here: One is Partisan Field Marshal that gives a quest for Mawrog, second is Shaman Renegade for Totem quest.
If you are in this area for the first time you may need to clear the way and fight several creatures.
When we get to right location we activate a shard and pick up the Banner of Divine Initiative that will help to complete the quests even quicker.
Clanchief Mawrog
Very easy to complete and a very good crystal reward.
Both Haven Heroes do here equally well with Blazing Glories. Dispel Magic skill is needed to cancel Preemetive Strike straight away and then apply Soulmark. Sometimes Mawrog is positioned very close and can be killed in 2 hits.
First Totem
Blazing Glories with +5 initiative complete this fast. Heal is needed after an enemy Hero strike. For Haven Knight we recommend to take 5 stacks of Blazing Glories and one stack of Battle Priests. Enemy Hero is more likely to target Priests and kill around 20.
The second Totem
is tricky… It’s situated far and we will need to wait a whole round just to move closer to it. We check if any enemy stack can reach us and disable it if necessary. Usually enemy Hero applies a debuff that we can easily cancel. But this time it made damage and killed 1 Glory
and we decide not to go through the healing process in order save time.
The 3rd Totem
The 3rd one is very similar to the 1st one. It is positioned close and we can destroy it in 1 round.
As the first 2 quests for crystals are done, we run back to the NPCs for rewards. Don’t forget that the Banner of Divine Initiative is ticking so we’d better hurry. The next 2 quests are in Namtaru’s Claw so we port Home and then to Amber Thorn. When we initially got access to Necromancers’ area we found it hard to find the right portal to Black Fang Camp. Just remember to run down the stairs from the gateway to a purple portal.
Namtaru’s Claw
Crystals Farm Namtaru
Like in Greystone you will need to clear the way if first time there. You’ll have to fight a lot of Cavern Creatures in order to
get to Swarm. First we take a quest called “A Late Delivery of Venom” then run to the 2nd NPC. On our way we already find our 1st chest. When we get to 2nd NPC we accept another quest to kill 3000 Spider Eaters in the Swarm. On our way we keep running and gathering the chests – we need 5 altogether. As the chests are most of the time in the same places it is not hard to find them.
Here we are in the Swarm – homeland of one of the weekly bosses, and a good place to farm resources. As we know these monsters well enough we are not afraid to go for Heroic Battle, especially with the Banner Of Divine Initiative still on. Sometimes to get all 3000 Spider Eaters 2 battles are needed.
Haven Knight can feel comfortable here with 5 stacks of Blazing Glories and 1 stack of Battle Priests, that can be used to block the way and shield the Glories.
After battle done we still have 10 min left on +5 Initiative buff, we could easily complete 2 extra battles and retrieve some needed
resources or to finish quests from the Lightlands.
Altogether by completing these 4 quests in 20 minutes we received 604 crystals.
So we hope this helps and good luck in your battles.

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