Expedition Set Items

Legendary or Super Relics (From The High Level Expeditions)

Legendary Path of the Preacher BAWisdom of Belketh (L)Wisdom of Belketh (LR)

Path of the Preacher primary weapon high powerPath of the Preacher primary weapon high power(R)

Haven Knight (The Holy Quest)

The Holy Quest HeadgearThe Holy Quest BAThe Holy Quest Support Weapon

Haven Knight (The Burning Light)

The Burning LightThe Burning Light BA

Haven Knight (Protectors of the Realm)

Protectors of the realm headgearProtectors of the realm trinket

Haven Cleric (Path of the Preacher)

Path of the Preacher HeadgearPath of the Preacher primary weaponPath of the Preacher BAPath of the Preacher LBAPath of the Preacher Trinket

Haven Cleric (Kindness of Elrath)

Kindness of Elrath Primary WeaponKindness of Elrath Support WeaponKindness of Elrath trinketKindness of Elrath Primary BA

Haven Cleric (The Inquisition)

The Inqusition Primary Weapon1The Inqusition HeadgearThe Inqusition Support WeaponThe Inqusition Lower Body ArmourThe Inqusition Trinket

Death Knight (Death is Justice)

Death is Justice headgear

Death Knight (Death is Order)

Death is Order Lower Body ArmourDeath is Order Lower Body Armour2Death is Order Lower Body Armour3

Death Knight (Death is Serenity)

Death is Serenity headgearDeath is Serenity Body ArmourDeath is Serenity Lower Body Armour

Necromancer (Wisdom of Belketh)

Wisdom of Belketh TrinketWisdom of Belketh Primary WeaponWisdom of Belketh Headgear

Necromancer (Revelations of Belketh)

Revelations of Belketh Headgear Revelations of Belketh Body ArmourRevelations of Belketh LBA

Necromancer (Origins of Belketh)

Origins of Belketh lb armourOrigins of Belketh trinket

– Please make sure your inventory is not full otherwise gifting items will not be possible and some valuable item may be wasted.
– When Expedition Maze level is completed we have just 50 second to gift item. Therefor gifting is a bit complicated.
– Items listed below have always random stats and value, but set value stays same

Please post in comment section below item pictures so we can fill this collection.

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“The Burning Light” set just need lower body ones I have range from 265 to 395 in value


Heaven Magic Set “Kindness of Elrath”

comment image


Path of the Preacher – Body Armour
comment image


Heaven Magic Set “Kindness of Elrath”

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Just got one item from The Inquisition – Trial. It has different stats (lower) than one one page.comment image