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Expert Battle Ranking – How to use Auto Battle Licence to get into Heroes Online Council

How to get into Heroes Online Council by doing expert battles. One of the ways is to use Auto Battle Licences that make it possible to complete more than 100 battles in one day. This will burn a lot of army so preparation is crucial. The major task is to build up Battle Power as high as
possible. Here are the tips on how to do it.


To make it cost efficient it is best to use basic troops like Archers, Ghouls, etc. However although un-upgraded Elite and Champions are more expensive, it is easier to store them and they contribute more to Battle Power Points.


Armour pieces that might be good for PVE may have lower battle power so ideally a different armour should be used for Auto Battles.
Also armour pieces add bonuses for specific units. And finally armour piece with Spirit adds more to Magic Heroes when Power to Might Heroes.


Runstone of Spirit is the best for Magic Heroes when Runstone of Creature Attack for Might.


Same as with Runstones Shrine of Spirit is best one for Magic Heroes when Shrine of Power is for Might Heroes.
Council Ranking Shrine of Spirit
We can do Auto Battles only when threat level is Easy, Average or Challenging. It would be sufficient to do only expert battles with minimum losses to get into Heroes Online Council.
There are 2 types of Auto Battle Licence: for 5 minutes and for 1 day. Before activating a 5-minute licence it is important to find a location where creatures are concentrated so no time is wasted for running around looking for battles. If moving fast a fully stocked army is enough to complete around 7 Challenging or 15 Average battles.
Auto Battle licences are valuable, they allow to complete various quests quickly and to turn gold into resources.
Heroes Online Council Ranking Expert Autobattle
Top 10 get access to Heroes Online Council shop for 24 hours where it is possible to buy pets, dyes and most importantly Construction Permits.
Also available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeP1McO11lg

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