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Haven Units Stats and Abilities – Basic vs Upgraded

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Archers vs Marksmen
Sentinels vs Praetorians
Battle Priests vs Inquisitors
Cavaliers vs Sun Crusaders
Radiant Glories vs Blazing Glories
Griffins vs Imperial Griffins
Celestials vs Seraphs

Archers vs Marksmen

Heroes Online Haven units Archers are useful in battle for weakening Enemy ranks before Melee combat. The archers of the Falcon Empire excel in the art of overwhelming the Enemy a hail of arrows.

Marksmen are veteran Crossbowmen who traditionally guard the walls of the capital city of Falcons Reach. One of the numerous tests that must be undertaken by those wishing to join their ranks highlights their remarkable skills. They are sent on a hunt with one bolt and must return with two geese brought down with a single shot. Captain Borloo, a legendary Marksman, is said to have found the test too easy. He brought back a wolf and a bear.

Heroes Online Haven Units ArchersTIH ArchersUp
TIH ArchersU FireATIH ArchersU Volley

Sentinels vs Praetorians

Heroes Online Haven units Sentinels are volunteers who have proven their loyalty to the Emperor and their devotion to Elrath. Renowned for their discipline and military coordination, they are the first line of defense of the Holy Empire. They have sworn an oath to protect their brothers-in-arms with their heavy shield and, if needed, their lives. For their own personal protection, they rely entirely on their faith.

Also called the Gold Cloaks by the small folk, the Praetorians have earned their honourable status through acts of courage and demonstrations of fearlessness. They form the personal guard of the Holy Emperor and the Dukes of the Realm. Only a handful of Sentinels are chosen annually to become Praetorians on Elraths day. They must then swear a sacred oath before Elrath himself, pledging to sacrifice themselves when duty calls. Their golden armour was originally meant to impress the Empire’s Enemies and allies alike, but now their legendary reputation eclipses the brilliance of their uniform.

Heroes Online Haven Units SentinelsTIH SentinelsUp
TIH SentiU SGuardTIH SentliU PDefence

Battle Priests vs Inquisitors

Guided by a higher force, Heroes Online Haven units Battle Priests are the scourge of all those who refuse to bow to Elrath. Embracing the smiting aspect of the Light, they prefer to punish rather than to preach. They cannot be diverted from their holy crusade, and all pleas for mercy are pointless.

The Inquisitors are the keepers of the faith of Elrath, the Holy Dragon of Light. As such they fight fiercely against non-believers and Enemies of the Church. On the battlefield Inquisitors do not enter the Melee but, instead summon the wrath of Elrath on Enemy troops while protecting their own with support spells.

Heroes Online Haven Units BattlePriests TIH BattlePriestsUp

Heroes Online Haven Units – Cavaliers vs Sun Crusaders

The Cavaliers are the shock troops of the Holy Empire. Mounted on powerful horses and heavily armoured, they are at their best when charging the Enemy from afar.

There are many knights in the Holy Empire, but only those deemed worthy by Elrath himself can join the Order of the Holy Sun. Commonly known as Sun Riders, these champions of the Light ride enchanted steeds summoned from Elrath’s spiritual realm. These magical mounts are said to be able to ride on the faintest ray of light.

Heroes Online Haven Units CavaliersTIH CavalU
TIH CavalU HChargeTIH CavalU SunS

Radiant Glories vs Blazing Glories

Vessels of the will of Elrath, the Dragon-God of Light, Radiant Glories are shining spirits who can flare into brilliance and blind their Enemies. ln the Spirit Realm, Elraths dominion is filled with a myriad of these creatures. They are often sent as envoys and advisers to Elrath’s most faithful followers. The generals of the Holy Empire soon found a use for these beings of burning light.

The Blazing Glories is a Radiant Glories that has been elevated by Elrath to a higher status. Directly exposed to the immaculate aura of the Dragon-God of Light, they are considered to be the manifestation of righteousness. They are greatly feared in battle, because to defeat one of them, one must find a good moral reason or be cursed with guilt for eternity.

Heroes Online Haven Units GloriesTIH GloriesUp
TIH GloriesUp RBurst TIH GloriesUp BLight

Griffins vs Imperial Griffins

Griffins were created in the Mythic Age from the spontaneous magical fusion of lions and eagles. At that time the surface of Ashan was irrigated by dragon-veins, remnants of the Dragon Gods wars, and animals that drank from these untamed rivers of dragon blood and magic were permanently altered by it. It is said that an act of compassion by an eagle, who rescued a lion being carried away by the current of a dragon-vein, gave rise to this formidable species.

Imperial Griffins are the fastest troops in their Empire. They excel in skirmish attacks, flying into Enemy ranks or diving from the sky above the battle.

Heroes Online Haven Units Griffins TIH GriffinsUp
TIH GriffUSoarTIH GriffinsU URetaliationsTIH GriffinsU FAssault

Celestials vs Seraphs

Physically imposing and striking in their perfection, the Angels of the Light are Elraths messengers – and shock troops – on the surface of Ashan. They are taller and far more beautiful than Humans and project an aura of power and confidence. Celestials, on the other hand, are smaller and more Human-like in their appearance. They started to appear after the creation of the Falcon Empire. Their true origins remain a mystery, but their devotion to Elrath is total.

Seraphs are champions among the Celestials. Their given names are often those of more legendary Angels fallen during the Elder Wars. Some priests actually think they are reincarnations of older Angel souls, returned by Elrath in this great time of trouble. Whatever their origin, they are extremely skilled in battle and fight with an absolute heroism and fearlessness that seems to hark back to an era of living legends.

Heroes Online Haven Units CelestialsTIH CelestialsUp
TIH CelestialsU CWaveTIH CelestialsU AoLifeTIH CelestialsU RArmour

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