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Necropolis Units Stats and Abilities – Basic vs Upgraded

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Skeletons vs Skeletal Spearmen
Ghouls vs Ravenous Ghouls
Ghosts vs Spectres
Lamasus vs Putrid Lamasus
Liches vs Archliches
Vampires vs Vampire Lords
Fate Spinners vs Fate Weavers

Skeletons vs Skeletal Spearmen

Skeletons are nothing more than dead, decaying bodies, animated by the will of a Necromancer. The Necromancer controls the skeleton like a puppet and can demand any action. Combining blind loyalty, indifference to hunger and thirst and a lack of any sense of fear or doubt, the Skeleton is considered to be an excellent servant.

Some Skeletons are specially selected by the Necromancers to wield enchanted armours and weapons, making them more than mere Dragon fodder. They are trained to throw their spears very rapidly, strewing vast areas with pointed doom in but a few moments.

TIN SkelletonsTIN SkeletonsUp
TIN Skeleton WSPearsHeroes Online Necropolis Units Skeleton BSpikes

Ghouls vs Ravenous Ghouls

A Ghoul is a dead body brought back to unlife, its skin rotted and its limbs consumed by decay. The soul that is locked within the body is animated by a senseless rage and gives its battered body the power of a living being. Necromancers keep their Ghouls chained like war dogs to ensure they are always under control.

Ravenous Ghouls have been trained to fight by their masters. They are even more feral and vicious than their “wild” relatives. When brought to battle by the Undead Lords of the Seven Cities, they are often chained together like war dogs.

TIN GhoulsTIN GhoulsUp
TIN Ghouls TTouchHeroes Online Necropolis Units Ghouls RageALiving

Ghosts vs Spectres

Upon their deaths, the children of the Dragon Gods rise as spirits to the Moon to await reincarnation under the guiding hand of Asha.
However, traumatic events can cause the creation of a Ghost, a spirit bound to the material world by a powerful, negative emotion. Necromancers can convert Ghosts into loyal servants by performing a special ritual, over whom they have absolute control.

Heroes Online Necropolis units Spectres are created through particularly slow and painful deaths. Their wounds, forever petrified and apparent, cause them to constantly relive the agony of their demise. Spectres can psychically inflict upon an Enemy the same suffering that they received. Necromancers control these tormented spirits by Persuading them, through magic, that they are the only beings that can assuage their agony.

Heroes Online Necropolis Units GhostsTIN GhostsU
TIN GhostsU WailONTIN GhostsU CurseOI

Heroes Online Necropolis Units – Lamasus vs Putrid Lamasus

In the year 512 YSD, the Wizards of the Seven Cities created the Beastmen as guards, servants, and “playthings”. The Lamasus were one of many experiments, a specific outcome of the unnatural fusion of human criminals and Manticores. The resulting creatures were naturally infected by a strange form of pestilence. Too unstable and short-lived, they were considered to be failures, until a humble embalmer discovered their true potential. A student of the Necromancers, he simply raised the Lamasus’ dead bodies and offered them as a gift to his masters. Their function as plague vectors, coupled with their physical strength and mobility, made them both deadly and versatile as troops in the Undead Armies of the rising Necromancer cult.

Certain parasites are immune to the innate disease propagated by the Lamasus throughout its body and, over time, develop a mutually beneficial relationship with their host. They feed off all that the Lamasus kills or that expires in its presence and, in return, the
Lamasus sometimes directs them into forming a swarm to use as a weapon. These vermin infested creatures are known as Putrid Lamasus.

Heroes Online Necropolis Units LamasusTIN LamasusUp
TIN LamasusU SLocustsTIN LamasusU PAura

Liches vs Archliches

Higher-ranking Necromancers are given a life-prolonging elixir milked from the venom of the Namtarus, Asha’s sacred spider spirits, which they must mix into their food. This treatment turns them into Asakkus, or “Liches”, their bodies desiccated but now freed from the passions of the flesh. They continue to age, however, until they resemble little more than walking mummies. The venom mixture also turns their eyes bright green.

Heroes Online Necropolis units Archlich is given that title when he or she has continued “living” beyond what his or her physical shell would have normally permitted. Though this moment might seem arbitrary, it is not, for Liches feel the instant passing when death should have come. As they journey beyond the sacred cycle of Life and Death, they gain an understanding of greater powers, some of which can be used to sap the life-force of living creatures.

Heroes Online Necropolis Units LichesTIN LichesUp
TIN LichesU SBoltTIN LichesU DarkE

Heroes Online Necropolis Units – Vampire vs Vampire Lord

As they grow in power, Liches may earn the right to be embraced by the Spider Goddess herself to die and be reborn as Akhkharus, or “Vampires”. They undergo an excruciating ritual but gain a rejuvenated body, cleansed of all defects. Vampires don’t need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe anymore as all their organs are “petrified” and it is not blood, but the sacred spider’s venom, that now flows in their veins. However, they need to drink human blood on a regular basis to thin this venom down and prevent it from dissolving their body from the inside.

When Heroes Online Necropolis units Vampires attains complete mastery of his new powers, he starts to age backwards, looking one year younger with each new century of unlife, He is now greeted as a Vampire Lord, and joins the ruling council of the Necromancers.

Heroes Online Necropolis Units VampiresTIN VampireUp
TIN VampireU VToughTIN VampireU DSwap

Fate Spinners vs Fate Weavers

Namtarus, or Fate Spinners, are emanations of the Mother Namtaru, an avatar of the Spider Goddess, a truly divine reflection of the Death aspect of Asha. They can either assume the form of a spider woman hybrid or that of a female humanoid with two legs and six arms. Worshipped by the Necromancers, who use their venom to sustain their ranks of Liches and Vampires, Namtarus will often be present at the founding of a Necropolis, like the queen bee of a hive, to fortify its foundations and nurture its growth. The Namtarus regularly counsel their devotees through whisper, rhyme and even dreams. Under their protection the Undead scour the region for lost souls and then recruit them to swell their ranks.

Heroes Online Necropolis units Fate Weaver is Asha’s complement/enhancement to the Fate Spinner. While the latter unravels the fragile threads of life and death from the substance of Void, the Fate Weaver incorporates them into its very fabric, following the pattern that the Spider Queen has ordained. Asha has also given them the power to control time when their purposes demand.

Heroes Online Necropolis Units FateSpinners TIN FateWeavers
TIN FWStasisWebTIN FWBalefulGazeTIN FWTimeFlows

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