New challenging Raid system has been introduced.
If in under level 30 raids we could ignore challenge requirements and any Hero with any army would fit the group, in 30+ it is important to make sure that party members have the right army before going in. Strong buffs or debuffs that add or reduce up to 90% of power or resistance make it nearly impossible to complete the battle if you don’t have the right army. It could help if prior to entering the raid everyone in the party agrees which challenges they will cover.

List of Challenges

Favours AllFavours MagicFavours MightFavours PrimeFavours Melee (Might)Favours Ranged (Might)
Favours LivingFavours UndeadFavours LightFavours DarknessFavours DefenseFavours Offense

Raid Levels

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10 – Level 11Level 12 – Level 13Level 14
Level 15Level 16Level 17Level 18Level 19 – Level 20Level 21Level 22Level 23Level 24Level 25Level 26Level 27
Level 28Level 29

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Raid 30+ Walkthrough
Raid – List of Challenges

Favours All

Favours All challenge have random monster groups where you can see Drifting Faceless and Angels in the same army. It is possible to complete this challenge with any build, especially Raid 1-10. As everyone is interested to finish battles quickly, offensive army like Glories or Liches is one of the most preferable choices. Heroes equipped for Favours Might with Griffins and Vampires can also complete Favours All challenge but there may be minor losses.
Raid Favours All

Favours Magic

This is the easiest type of challenge for all classes due to the popularity of Liches and Glories as PVE units. Both Magic and Might Heroes complete it equally well. As Raid level goes up enemy units get higher in numbers.
Raid Favours Magic

Favours Might

This challenge can be completed without losses using Marksmen or Fate Spinners although it is time consuming.
Un-upgraded Griffins and Vampires can do this challenge very quickly (within 2-4 rounds) but with small losses. This can be done by any class though Magic Heroes end this battle with less losses than Knights. Griffins/Vampires army can be used to fight Favours All challenge as well if needed.
Knight Heroes must have skills/scroll Taunt, Vengeance and Counter Strike.
Mana is getting burned at some stage so mana potions are good to have.
Raid Favours Might

Favours Prime

Liches are the best units to complete this challenge.
Any Hero equipped with them will feel comfortable there, though Might Heroes due to lack of crowd control skills are advised to grab a Banner of Divine Initiative before going in to avoid some minor losses. Liches have low initiative so their turn is last in each round.
Life Drain and Regeneration scrolls are must have for Haven Heroes as it is the only way to heal units if damage received.
Soul Mark, Arcane Blast and Arcane Burst do huge damage here as well so Magic Heroes can complete this challenge with Griffins using PvP tactics: nuke, Soar, Soul Mark, nuke etc…
Favours Prime

Favours Melee (Might)

It is very well suited for Griffins army. As all enemy units are ranged, it is good to go full offensive from the start; this allows to finish this challenge quickly with minor losses. Magic Heroes’ crowd control skills allow to complete it with even less army loss.
Favours Might (Melee)

Favours Ranged (Might)

Marksmen – finally they have a good use in something serious. High initiative, long range (and good looks) pay off in this type of challenge. For Knight Hero a tanker/blocker unit (Sentinels/Battle Priests) is needed.
It is possible to complete this with Fate Spinners, but to make it quick, Banner of Divine Initiative helps. Also Fate Spinners have a crowd control skill Stasis Web. Though Marksmen are stronger more storage space is required to keep these units, this is the only reason we equip Fate Spinners when doing this type of challenge.
Favours Ranged (Might)

Favours Living

All living creatures on the field (both friendly and enemy units) get +2 range and +100% to healing.
Crowd Control skill, no retaliation, decent damage when backstabbing are making Blazing Glories a good choice for lower level raids.
This is especially effective when Hero’s ammunition has bonus for this unit.
Knight Heroes with Blazing Glories should do well here with Banner of Divine Initiative as Glories can apply Blindness in the beginning if needed.
Because enemy Angels and Priests have high resistance to light magic, it is better to use Soul Mark before starting to attack them.
On higher level raids Banner of Divine Initiative is recommended for Cleric as well.
Favours Living

Favours Undead

All undead creatures on the field (both friendly and enemy units) get +2 range and +100% to healing.
An army built totally with Liches units are most effective on lower level raid.
Even though it may seem that enemy units can’t reach from the start, an enemy buff gives them +2 range so big stacks of Vampires may cause damage. Therefore it is important to mind them and disable if needed.
Haven Knight with Liches won’t be as comfortable Cleric due to the lack of Crowd Control skills.
Favours Undead

Rioting Prisoner

In raid level 4 instead of 10 battles there will be 13, 3 extra with Rioting Prisoners.
For those who haven’t got into Namtaru’s Claws yet next tip might be useful.
Any Hero with any army should be fine here. The only thing to remember is to mind Orc Captives.
Their Indomitable Aura makes them resistant to all kind of debuffs. If a big stack gets close, it may kill a whole unit in one hit.
Rioting Prisoners

Favours Light

Enemy units get +90% resistance to all but Light magic.
The best army to complete this challenge with is Radiant or Blazing Glories. On low level raids it can be done by any class Hero.
On higher level raids it is recommended to get Banner of Divine Initiative and Blazing Glories so that they can apply Blindness in the beginning.
Favours Light

Favours Darkness

Enemy units get +90% resistance to all but Dark magic.
Not many units in game have Dark Magic attack. Hard to get Drifting Faceless is one of them.
Necropolis Faction Liches have Shadow Bolt that does decent Dark Magic damage. Liches can complete Favours Darkness challenge in 1-2 rounds when this skill is combined with Painful Bond.
Due to the lack of Crowd Control skills Might Heroes are doing significantly worse compared to Magic Heroes.
However when equipped with Drifting Faceless or Angry Ghosts any class Hero should perform OK here.
Favours Darkness

Favours Defense

This one is challenging and time consuming.
In order to succeed it is important to position units inside Totem’s field. It gives all units within this field strong preemptive strike. Remember that as enemy units get the same buff as well, they deal huge retaliation damage if hit.
We feel that Celestials that do not cost much if lost are good for this challenge.
Our tactic was to assume defensive position and let the enemy get killed with retaliation.
Haven Knight army build could be 4 Celestial plus 2 Battle Priests or Inquisitors.
On lower level raids Haven Cleric can complete this with 3 Griffins plus 2 Battle Priests thanks to Crowd Control and Elite heal.
Necropolis Heroes do well with Fate Spinners. Also Necromancers’ skill “For Whom The Bell Tolls” allows to destroy the biggest stack in less than 5 rounds.
Of course if you are a lucky owner of even 1 stack Drifting Faceless, then it is much easier for any Hero, because it is possible to turn enemy units against each other.
Favours Defense 1
Favours Defense 2

Favours Offense

-20% health debuff and a task to complete this challenge within a limited number of rounds.
This challenge is not time consuming at all but dangerous because it is possible to lose a whole stack of upgraded units very easily.
Magic Heroes are the best here thanks to Crowd Control and Elite Heal. Even if some damage is received in the beginning it is possible to heal up fully.
We found that Blazing Glories did well here.
Favours Offense

Level 1

We found that un-upgraded Griffins are good to cover “Favours Might” and “Favours All” co-ops.
It will not be a big deal to lose some Griffins but they have high initiative and do big damage that allows to complete challenges quickly.

Level 1

Level 2

There are 3 “Favours Prime” challenges. These are best suited for Necropolis Heroes with Liches.
“Favours All” is very similar to that in Raid 1. It is possible to complete with any army but it is important to do it as quickly as possible. So Glories build or Liches build is welcomed here.
“Favours Melee (Might)” is very well suited for Griffins army.
As all enemy units are ranged, it is good to go full offensive from the start; this allows to finish this challenge quickly with minor losses.
As we’ve mentioned earlier “Favours Prime” challenges are better done with Liches army but in case time is running out, Cleric with Griffins can complete this with PvP fight tactics using scrolls and skills.

Level 2

Level 3

This level has “Favours Ranged (Might)” that needs to be paid attention to.
Fate Spinners have Stasis Web which also helps with Crowd Control.
“Favours Magic” challenge was easily completed with Blazing Glories.

Level 3

Level 4

Although the List of Challenges shows 10 encounters, when we entered there were additional 3 monsters to fight.
These additional monsters didn’t have any special requirements but they may block the way to other challenges.
“Favours Undead” challenge is confusing as the enemy army consists fully of Undead. Also beware that even if it looks like no unit can reach you, after the first enemy buff all units on the map get +2 range. Therefore it is hard to avoid damage from the start.
“Favours Living” challenge is similar to the previous one; Hero’s army also benefits from the enemy buff but it is nearly impossible to avoid damage in the beginning.
Glories are good for “Favours Living” challenges especially for Knights as they provide Crowd Control.
Hero’s magic does decent damage in “Favours Undead” and “Favours Living” challenges.

Level 4

Level 5

Level 5

Level 6

Level 6

Level 7

Level 7

Level 8

Level 8

Level 9

Level 9

Level 10

Level 10

Level 11

Raid 11

Level 12

Raid 12

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Raid 13

Level 14

Raid 14

Level 15

Raid 15

Level 16

Raid 16

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Raid 17

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Raid 18

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Raid 19

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Raid 20

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