Sandro 2

Haven Knight vs Sandro 2 in Chapter 4

This walk-through contains screens shots, tips and commentary for each stage.

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Also available on YouTube in HD with commentary and subtitles

Stage 1

Sandro Stage 1
Sandro 2 is known for his nasty mass debuff Corruption of Souls.

Sandro Corruption of Souls2
He casts it every second round and, if not cancelled, it will cause a lot of damage. That’s why it is important to take one or two Celestials for their Cleansing Wave. It’s better to wait till the end of the round to make sure all debuffs are cleansed in one go.
Even though Blazing Glories cannot apply Blindness to Constructs, Undead or Spirits, with Rush they can reach to Backstab and do significant damage. Also if armour has high Luck stats, it helps to increase critical chance rate.
Celestials in defensive position are used here to block the way for the enemy. In this round though we returned them back to Glories to apply Cleansing Wave.

Sandro 2 Stage 1.1
The best position for Celestial units would be in the middle of each row so that the cleanse has effect on all troops.
Now with 2 turns per round Knights have more involvement and can use more scrolls and skills. Celestials’ Cleansing Wave can be used once per 3 rounds. As it is not ready yet we regroup our army in order to use Dispel Magic.
It helps to have scrolls like Regeneration, Dispel Magic, Life Drain, Sanctuary and Warlord’s Command and also some mana potions. Life drain scroll are used to heal our Glories.
In Round 6 Celestials use Cleansing Wave for the second time.
Purity is another good skill to clean debuffs.
Make sure that the army is healed well before entering the second Stage.

Stage 2

Sandro 2 Stage 2
Generally the second stage is easier. However we have to watch out for Sandro’s other debuff. For example: Touch of the Void. If not cleansed in time, the whole unit may perish.
We use Celestials to block the way for the enemy again.

Sandro 2 Stage 2.2
Horrifying Illusion debuff prevents Glories to hit Champions but this doesn’t trouble us. Two turns per round allows Knight to apply Warlord’s Command and Soul Mark more often, this makes a big difference. One of few enemy stacks that Blindness can be applied to is a Human Void Assassin. This will keep him under control . The only way to heal Celestials for us here is to use Regeneration or Life Drain scrolls. When Sandro applied Touch of the Void to our Celestials we purified it as soon as possible so that we wouldn’t forget later.
Again make sure that the army is healed before entering the next Stage.

Stage 3

Sandro 2 Stage 3
In Stage 3 Sandro has another nasty debuff Scourge of Oblivion which is an area paralysis.
One enemy unit to watch out for is a Human Void Herald. He applies an aura to friendly stack which will deal massive retaliation damage to any unit that hits it. Feeble Mind is our best solution here to prevent him from using this buff as our Glories cannot reach.
Debuffs added to the damage that Celestials suffered and we’ve lost quite a few. Luckily these are un-upgraded troops.
Also Sandro uses Scourge of Oblivion and 4 units get paralyzed until they receive damage. When Celestials loses the debuff it can cleanse nearby units.
As we cannot heal Celestials we used Sanctuary already twice on them as they do a good job blocking enemy from Glories.
Dispel Magic cleansed paralysis.

Sandro 2 Stage 3.1
To sum this up we are finishing this battle with the loss of some un-upgraded troops.
We hope this helps and good luck in your battles.

Army Build

Build for Knight:
3 stacks of Blazing Glories. 1 stack of Marksmen, 1 Inquisitor and 1 Celestial unit
2 stacks of Blazing Glories, 2 stacks of Radiant Glories, 2 stacks of Celestials
Build for Cleric:
3 stacks of Blazing Glories, 2 stacks of Celestials

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