The Conqueror – Darkness, Light and Order Castles

The Conqueror. The first major alliance event starts in approx one month from the server launch. In order to win and hold one of three castles, the strongest alliances get as much as possible fighting power and move closer to the target (one of the castles) much earlier. Early mass PvP happens around particular castles when the strongest alliances try to claim and secure their positions before the event.

War and Magic - The Conqueror - City of Darkness

City of Darkness

BKM (server 32) taking Dark City.
Players around the cities sending their best heroes. There are a few bot targets of different levels to eliminate.

War and Magic - The Conqueror - City of Light

City of Light

RUS (server 32) alliance taking City of Light.
It takes 30 min to get to the city. Marching time can be reduced by using special scrolls

War and Magic - The Conqueror - City of Order

City of Order

EMP (server 32) alliance taking City of Order.
PVP is highly likely during this event.

Alliance members that conquered and held successfully for a particular time one of the castles get following rewards:

War and Magic - City of Darkness - First Conquest Award

In addition, there are particular castle bonuses will be applied. The city of Darkness, for example, gives bonuses to the dark creatures from the Void Gate, like skeletons and vampires.

In the early days of the server, there is a tough diplomacy going between leaders of the alliances. NAPs (No Aggression Pacts) are “signed” just to be broken in the later game. Because in the end there can be just one alliance on the map that could get a major bonus of the Drake castle.

Alliance competition – Drake or Middle castle event starts in 40 days after the first Conqueror event and then repeats every weekend. More details: post coming soon …

We have to admit that during the first conqueror event there were lag spikes in the game as many players logged in. Also, it is recommended to keep a charger nearby because this online game made Samsung mobile battery flat quickly.

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hello. you gave avery detailed information. i want to know what will happen on the Drake event. thank you