War and Magic – Nook Battle

One of the most interesting challenges in War and Magic is a Nook Battle event between alliances (guilds). Once a week, two equal battle power alliances are teleported to the designated area to fight a mini-war. 25 vs 25 players can take part in an hour-long real-time action.

War and Magic - Nook Battle Map

In the beginning, two equal battle power alliances (guilds) from different servers teleport to a specially designed map. Each building on the map has its own strategic value. Dragon city gives the highest points. We put together a YouTube video:

Nook Battle Rules:

1. Alliance members can buy Alliance BUFF, which is then effective to all attendants.
2. Killing enemies earns individual points fast.
3. Defend buildings to gain individual points and camp points. Each building has a different function.
4. No death occurs in the battle, no resource will be lost and injured healing speed and marching speed are highly increased.
5. In the event, Teleport chances are shared by the alliance, with initial 200000 chances. Use wisely. Teleport during event takes teleport items.
6. When the event ends, all injured will be sent back to the kingdom.
7. Alliance members’ individual points will be added to alliance camp points at the certain ratio.
8. In the event, if a camp reaches (s2) points, the match will end instantly. If no one reaches (s2) at the end of the event, the camp with the more points wins.

Nook Battle World Buildings

Nook Battle - World Buildings - Dragon City Nook Battle - World Buildings - Fortress Nook Battle - World Buildings - Magic Tower Nook Battle - World Buildings - Medical Tower Nook Battle - World Buildings - Portal Nook Battle - World Buildings - Training Camp Nook Battle - World Buildings - War Temple

Warrior vs Warrior Combat

Every combat is an auto-battle it is possible to check the log afterward. Here is an example of a typical fight Warrior vs Warrior:
War and Magic - Nook Battle - Auto Combat Example

The biggest advantage of Nook Battle events is that all troops lost are returned at the end.

Nook Battle Rewards

The reward system is designed to encourage both sides to fight to the end.
Points Reward
War and Magic - Nook Battle Points Reward
Duel Reward
War and Magic - Nook Battle Duel Reward
Season Rewards
War and Magic - Nook Battle Season Rewards

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