War and Magic

Here you will find a selection of helpful tools and survival tips-and-tricks for the War and Magic mobile strategy game. This game is strikingly familiar to our eyes: hero classes, fairy-tale monsters, and chess-like battlefields. Together with high-resolution background artwork and nice music it reminded us very much of our beloved Heroes of Might and Magic series.

Monster Dwellings – Event

This is a highly rewarding event when players have to cooperate with each other in order to win treasure from monster dwellings. There must be at least 2 heroes from different players in order to start the rally to conquer the dwelling. As higher level dwellings are getting more challenging, there is a need to prepare your hero army well. To win, players have to bring the right troops placed in the right order, and even then there will be losses and the need to spend resources to repair. Here we will present the best builds for particular monster dwelling levels. More details: http://heroeszone.net/war-magic-monster-dwellings-event
War and Magic - Monster Dwellings - Weekly Event

War and Magic – Conquering Cities of Darkness, Light and Order

The Conqueror. The first major alliance event starts in approx one month from the server launch. In order to win and hold one of three castles, the strongest alliances get as much as possible fighting power and move closer to the target (one of the castles) much earlier. Early mass PvP happens around particular castles when the strongest alliances try to claim and secure their positions before the event. More details: post coming soon …
War and Magic - The Conqueror - City of Darkness

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